July 28, 2016

Hair of the Camel

Gucci Single Breasyed camel wool overcoat
Gucci Single Breasted camel wool overcoat

When someone tells you that you need to protect cashmere when you store it away for the summer, believe it. Moth holes always seemed to be the fantasy of some old wives-tale obsessed worry wart. Well, I found out the hard way that cashmere munching moths really do exist. Two seasons ago I got a beautiful camel cashmere topcoat in Europe. That beautiful coat got test driven twice before the winter ended. Without thinking, I hung it in the closet and forgot to put it in the sturdy garment bag it came with.READ MORE >

July 27, 2016

Michael Kors Spring 2017

Michael Kors Spr2017
Michael Kors Spring 2017

Michael Kors offers some great ideas for next spring and summer. His focus has always been great American sportswear and this season is no different. It’s his play on classics with unexpected color combinations and tweaked proportions that give it an assured and cool feel.READ MORE >

July 26, 2016

Aire Ancient Baths NY

Tepidarium at the Aire Ancient Baths
Tepidarium at the Aire Ancient Baths

In Tribeca the Aire Ancient baths is a sprawling subterranean hideaway. Under vaulted ceilings this cavernous space opens up with a series of pools ranging in temperatures from cold (Frigidarium 61 degrees) to very warm (Caldarium 102 degrees) with icy dunking pools interspersed.READ MORE >

July 25, 2016

Good German Scents

4711 Acqua Colonia range
4711 Acqua Colonia range

It takes excessive heat to remind us of how good we feel when its cool and comfortable out. Feeling sticky and flushed is my least favorite feeling. And yet you can’t shower 6 times a day and still have a life, so why not find a bottle of relief and not one to guzzle, either. I’m talking about a bottle of scent or Kollnisch Wasser if you’re German (trans. Cologne water as in the city). 4711 from Cologne Germany is a heritage brand that’s been refreshing people around the globe since 1792.READ MORE >

July 20, 2016

Neighborhood Watch Tribeca

My favorite building in Tribeca, Jenga
My favorite building in Tribeca, Jenga

Lovey, my sister blogger Jolain Muller, and I thought it would be fun and interesting to go exploring in the city to suss out what’s compelling , exciting, mysterious and fun. This wandering will hopefully range farther and farther afield as we both love travel and enjoy the discovery of wonderful new places and cultures. But last week our adventure took us to Tribeca. Unlike Soho, which has come to cultural prominence and then gone to the hordes who invade New York in the summer, Tribeca is a pocket of very beautiful industrial loft buildings, cool cafe’s and restaurants that go from the sublime, Almond Tribeca at 186 Franklin St. to the ridiculous, Nobu at 105 Hudson St. to special clothing boutiques.READ MORE >

July 19, 2016

You say Pajama, I say Djellaba

Anton tuning in.
Anton tuning in

My first encounter with a djellaba was about 5 or 6 years ago at John Bartlett’s West Village store which no longer exists. That season he made these curious floor length djellabas in a linen/rayon fabric. It moved around the body like a cool breeze. The style was very much in the vein of Egyptian thobes or Dishdash. This fact would become clear a few years later when I made my first of 4 trips to Qatar where I lectured at the Fashion Design dept of a university there.READ MORE >

July 18, 2016

Impossibly Cool in Incredible Heat

Mumbai Cool
Mumbai Cool

We’re in the midst of a heatwave over here on the East coast. Any 3 or more days in a row of 90+ degrees or more is a heat wave. Walking around town in too much or too little doesn’t serve anyone. I’d wear a tube top and thong if I didn’t fear getting hauled in for indecent exposure. But in warmer climes, say like Qatar where I’ve spent some quality time the temperature hovers at 115 degrees on a good day in April. Still, Mumbai is a hands down winner for the long hot summer.READ MORE >