July 15, 2016

They’re Here

Manhattanhenge at 23rd st and 8th Ave tues 12 July 2016
Manhattanhenge at 23rd st and 8th Ave 12 July 2016 8:00pm 

Every year around now NYC experiences one of its more cosmic moments. It’s commonly known, though not to me, as Manhattanhenge. That would be when the setting sun aligns perfectly with West 23rd Street casting its rays dramatically straight across from the west to the east side of the city. I just happened to be walking up 8th Avenue this past Tuesday evening at about 8 pm when I came to the intersection at 23rd st. There was a throng of people standing smack in the middle of the intersection and all with smartphones and cameras held aloft pointing west at a blazing setting sun. It seemed everything was stopped including traffic. The thought of an invasion came to mind and considering it was about 150 degrees outside anything seemed possible. New York city is so full of incredible moments and this is just one more. Have a good weekend, keep your eyes and ears open and see you on the other side!

July 14, 2016

In the Bag

Patterson & Salisbury large leather tote
Patterson & Salisbury large leather tote

There are certain things I’m passionate about. Dressage and horses would be at the top of my list. In quick succession would be architecture, art and objects, pairs figure skating, travel and luggage; tote bags to be precise. I have a weakness for sturdy tote bags that are masculine yet stylish. Whether in leather, waxed canvas or some unexpected man-made material they’re the most functional bag in my arsenal. Whether you’re toting books, computers and stuff or using it as a weekend getaway bag, the trusty tote is ready to do the job. It’s just tough to find one that has a little zip without a scary bang at the register.READ MORE >

July 13, 2016

A shaded view

Warby Parker Abbott Jet Silver shades $145
Warby Parker Abbott Jet Silver shades

For years I’ve worn expensive eyeglasses that darken in the sun. They never seem to darken enough to feel like real sun shades. Recently, I broke down and went to Warby Parker to see what all the fuss is about. Well, that visit changed my life. No more thousand dollar glasses and shades for me. When you have a feast to choose from in their shops or online and everything under $250 your whole perspective towards purchasing glasses and shades changes. And when you factor in their customer service you are so far ahead you’ll probably buy 2 pair on the spot.READ MORE >

July 11, 2016

Back to Black

Vince Bale Black leather sneaker $199
If you tried to distill trends in men’s shoes down to the most commonly favored style it would undoubtedly be sneakers, trainers or Kicks. It’s a sneaker culture we live in now. The sneaker store has become ground zero for everyone everywhere. Though brands abound from very inexpensive to super costly the common denominator in all of them for style bang seems to be sneakers in white. In NYC they are on most feet.READ MORE >

July 7, 2016

They’re Back: Wide Pants

Bottega Veneta Men's Sp2017
Bottega Veneta Men’s Sp2017

The women’s collections for the past 2 seasons have shifted their gaze to a pant silhouette that’s decidedly full. The skinny legging look for women and regrettably for men may finally be just about played. If you’re built like a stick without a posterior, then it’s all good. But many of us have muscle and flesh that call for a bit of room in a trouser. This season Bottega Veneta Men’s for spring2017 showed a whole collection without a skinny legged trouser in sight.READ MORE >

July 6, 2016

White Hot Polos


It’s a heat wave here in NYC and as early as 9 am it’s been staggeringly hot. Short of staying inside a darkened air-conditioned apartment you actually need to plan what to wear that you wont wilt or die in. On the hottest days I don’t reach for tanks or tees but white polos or white button down shirts. Just the look of them says Cool Breeze. There are some great shirts out there that look great any time of the day or night keeping, you cool and looking cool too.READ MORE >

July 1, 2016

One Year Ago, Today…..Google’s Photo App

The Lake of Konstanz Germany
The Lake of Konstanz Germany

This time last year, Anton and I were in Germany for a 3 week trip that would end with a bang. It’s easy to lose track of time but the Google Photos App for IOS devices like the IPhone and Ipad, and  the Google photos App for Android devices do an excellent job of not letting you forget. The app is so worthwhile especially if you take pictures as much as I do. Google Photo App has a charming feature that shows you what you did or where you were a year ago today, 3 years ago today and on and on back in time. So much has happened in this year that its great to look back at moments that were so great and so off the beaten path of our everyday lives.READ MORE >