Hooked on Hermes

Hermes Ullyse PM notebook in taupe with Ex-Libris refill
Hermes Ulysse PM notebook in taupe with Ex-Libris refill

My name is Eric and I’m a sucker for Hermes. Like the intro of a 12-step program I’m here to share my experience, strength and hope. I had my first taste of Hermes about a dozen years ago. It was a small black Ulysse notebook in grained leather that caught my eye. It set me back a bit considering you had to buy the cover separately from notebook paper. A year or so later I found myself stranded in a foreign airport that happened to have an Hermes boutique in the terminal. I did the only thing I could think and went in to buy something to soothe my frustration at being stuck on the ground. There was a taupe grained leather Ulysse notebook the next size up that called to me. I answered the call and found myself falling deeper down that orange hole.

Hermes Arceau watch
Hermes Arceau watch

Once you’ve become hooked on Hermes it’s tough to ignore the temptation. My next treasure came in the form of a beautiful watch for my birthday. The Arceau watch with brown crocodile strap paired with the brown face is just the smartest thing going. That piece has sustained me for years but I find myself now itching for something new, something else. Naturally, my eye has gone to the belts for men. As handsome as the classic H buckle is, I’ve seen it on a few too many waists. Granted, the silver finish is cooler than the gold but still it’s as ubiquitous (and obvious) as the Birkin. There’s nothing wrong with status symbols until they become anachronisms. The belt with an Idem buckle in silver with its very slender profile is a handsome buckle that’s elegant and mysterious.

Hermes Idem silver buckled belt in black/taupe
Hermes Idem silver buckled belt in black/taupe

What is it? Who made It? Where can I find it? Hermes thoughtfully offers the belt in a “kit” where you’re able to choose the buckle, the color and finish and the belt in 2 widths and a number of color combinations. My choice is the same as my notebooks; black grained leather on one side and taupe on the other. This little number will set you back a bit but if you convince yourself that you’ve bought 2 belts for the price of 1 it stings a little less. If that doesn’t help just think of the compliments you’ll get when you wear it. If you amortize it over the remaining years you have on this planet it will surely come out as one of your better investments and if you die tomorrow, well who cares? But if you’re sticking around just make sure you get it in a size that gives you some room to expand. It may be the last belt you ever buy!

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  1. Great story. I know just how you feel. I, too , fell in love with temptress Hermes . I’m always left wanting… more. Oh well…

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