Write this down: Design.Y Notebooks

Design.Y notebooks
Design.Y notebooks

Some people like to put ideas down in their smartphones. Others use Post-Its and scraps of paper. Still others try to keep it all in their heads. I like notebooks, fancy notebooks to be more precise.goatskin

By accident I stumbled onto a tiny company in Japan, Design.Y that custom makes very beautiful notebooks by hand that are surprisingly affordable.notebooks


With about 4 models to choose from you can order them from a pocket size to a ledger size. Along with 2 choices of leather, Toscana or Goatskin, these sturdy yet elegant notebooks come in brown or black with pages plain or ruled, edges buffed in grey, black or left bare and bookmark ribbons in 4 colors. All elements in the construction of each book are acid-free. That’s a lot of choice and fantastic quality all for about $86.

Design.Y packaging
Design.Y packaging

I liked my Record model 336 in black Toscana leather measuring 4.5”x 7” with 336 unruled pages so much, I’ve since purchased a few more as gifts for friends. The packaging alone is so beautiful that you’ll hate to remove it from its wax sealed, rice paper wrapping.

Best of all, Mr. HiroshiYoshino, the designer has developed paper so thin and yet unbleedable no matter your pen type.



The newest model EP Record is a bit larger with about 500 pages making it an ideal journal casts just under $140.If these notebooks tempt you, all you do is click on the link and go directly to their site to order. It takes about 2-3 weeks to receive and Bingo! You’re in business.



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