August 26, 2016

Hooked on Hermes

Hermes Ullyse PM notebook in taupe with Ex-Libris refill
Hermes Ulysse PM notebook in taupe with Ex-Libris refill

My name is Eric and I’m a sucker for Hermes. Like the intro of a 12-step program I’m here to share my experience, strength and hope. I had my first taste of Hermes about a dozen years ago. It was a small black Ulysse notebook in grained leather that caught my eye. It set me back a bit considering you had to buy the cover separately from notebook paper. A year or so later I found myself stranded in a foreign airport that happened to have an Hermes boutique in the terminal. I did the only thing I could think and went in to buy something to soothe my frustration at being stuck on the ground. There was a taupe grained leather Ulysse notebook the next size up that called to me. I answered the call and found myself falling deeper down that orange hole.READ MORE >

August 23, 2016

Le Gloire

Closing ceremony of Rio Olympic Games
Closing ceremony of Rio Olympic Games

The Olympics have taken possession of the world’s collective heart. A sprawling South American nation rife with economic, political and social upheaval plays host to the Olympic Games and the world with barely the strength to hold its own. And yet the world comes, the Games proceed, records are set, and at the closing there are many a wet eye. It was touching to watch the whole event and just when you thinkĀ  Olympic Women’s Beach Volleyball will never, ever, ever end the closing ceremony is finished.

Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro of Great Britain
Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro of Great Britain


August 1, 2016

Wallet: Lost and (not)Found

Commes Des Garcon Half-Zip Bifold
Commes des Garcon Half-Zip Bifold

When was the last time you lost your wallet? Remember that cold empty feeling inside like losing your membership card to life. That feeling of reaching repeatedly for it only to be reminded each time that it’s not where you thought it was is a cruel joke. But that’s what lost means. Well that’s where I live this weekend; in the land of no driver’s licence, no ATM card, no credit cards, no museum membership cards and no health insurance card. I’m as good as naked in the middle of a street of oncoming traffic…READ MORE >

June 23, 2016

Write this down: Design.Y Notebooks

Design.Y notebooks
Design.Y notebooks

Some people like to put ideas down in their smartphones. Others use Post-Its and scraps of paper. Still others try to keep it all in their heads. I like notebooks, fancy notebooks to be more precise.goatskin

By accident I stumbled onto a tiny company in Japan, Design.Y that custom makes very beautiful notebooks by hand that are surprisingly affordable.READ MORE >