February 14, 2017

Book Clubbing

booksBook clubs have been popular for ages but it occurred to me only  bookish types seem to go. As a reasonably voracious reader I never felt the need or urge to join until a friend invited me along one night to sit in on his. Instantly, I was hooked and have been a member of that and one other for the last 4-5 years. I discovered the only thing better than reading an interesting story alone is to share ideas and listen to others insights into the same story.READ MORE >

December 5, 2016

Inscape Meditation Center: Ohm My God

Inscape Meditation Center 45 west 21st Street NYC, NY
Inscape Meditation Center 45 west 21st Street NYC, NY

Meditation and its practice is something that keeps bubbling up in conversation and in stray articles on the net and in magazines. I’ve thought a lot it as so many of my friends meditate on a daily basis. They all seem to have a peace of mind that for me comes and goes. READ MORE >

November 14, 2016

Mission Deal and Heal


After several days of feeling sunk, well, I still feel sunk. It’s a malaise that just won’t lift. Life moves on and so must we, yet I’m reminded of the days immediately following 9/11 when we knew all had irrevocably changed but still didn’t know what shape that change would take.READ MORE >

October 28, 2016

Istanbul: Hamams

Kiliç Ali Pasa rooftop with sky lights
Kiliç Ali Pasa rooftop with sky lights

One of the oldest most satisfying traditions from the Ottoman Empire and even further back is the Hamam. Historically the Hamam is the traditional Islamist or Turkish bath which derives itself from its precursors, the Greek and Roman baths. Originally, they were for men only but now admit women separately or on separate days. These ritual baths are the ultimate in cleansing, scrubbing and massaging the body and all performed by adult male attendants. READ MORE >

October 10, 2016

Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland (burp)! Bonjour Paris!!!!!

Oktoberfest's utterly confused boy!
Oktoberfest’s utterly confused boy!

I would be remiss if I just slipped out of Germany without so much as a Danke Schön. The first week there was great, filled with a roller coaster ride of warm family time together and a little life reaffirming, life threatening drama. Anton’s family, which has become my family too, are so great, so warm and enjoyable. It’s very nice to feel instantly at home and accepted even on the other side of the pond. But you see I’ve been a ‘member ‘ of the Bronner clan for over 30 years , so it sort of makes sense.READ MORE >

September 29, 2016

So Long Summer

Accabonac harbor
Accabonac harbor

As much as I hate to admit it, summer is over. The light has changed. The air has changed and the temperature is dropping. There’s a song by Michael Franks “If I could make September stay” that says it perfectly. For a summer that seemed to race by, a lot of great moments were packed in. Lots of choice family time happened and great stretches out at the house all made for an action packed summer. As much as I hate to see it go I’m excited about what’s coming next. It should be an interesting fall and winter starting with our trip to Europe tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted over the course of the next few weeks. Watch your footing, but move boldly forward !!!