July 3, 2017

Advanced French GUY Style

Stylish man in the 2nd Arrondisment
Stylish man in the 2nd Arrondisment

My sister blogger Jolain of Primadarling fame just posted a perfect 4th of July/Summer 2017 story on Advanced French Girl Style. The super model Ines de la Fressange of Chanel fame is the quintessential French Girl with BOUCOUP style chops. Looking at that story it brought to mind that it’s not just the French girls who get it right. Lots of French guys do too. READ MORE >

June 24, 2017

The Essential Windbreaker

Scotch and Soda Nylon windbreaker

Windbreakers are some of the most unheralded articles of clothing in the pantheon of essential modern design. It used to be about a trench coat. Then it was the perfect cashmere coat in black or camel. Let’s not forget the anorak craze of the last several years. All along right under our noses is the perfect workhorse cover-up, the windbreaker.READ MORE >

May 11, 2017

Saint James Stripes


It’s true, there’s never been a stripe I didn’t love. Still, my hunger persists. I was just recently in Paris for a few days and wandering through the Marais came upon a perfect little gem of a Saint James shop. What says Paris more than a striped sailor shirt or beret, perhaps?READ MORE >

November 1, 2016

Rialto Living: My Happy Place

Rialto Living

There’s nothing that puts a smile on my face faster than landing in a beautiful place with great shops. Retail therapy sounds suspect but I’ve found after 30 years in the business of fashion there’s some truth to it. The weather can suck so loud you hear it, but if the window shopping or actual shopping is good I don’t care if a tornado is on the way. Palma de Mallorca was just that sort of city; an unexpected treat with some world class shops!READ MORE >

August 31, 2016

Margaret Howell Fall 2016

Margaret Howell Fall 2016
Margaret Howell Fall 2016

There’s something very seductive about altering the way you look. I don’t mean in the sense of a disguise. Just changing the impression you make by way of clothing. At a time when much of what is offered in menswear is slim fitted, spare or just derivative, Margaret Howell makes clothes with the opposite affect. READ MORE >

August 30, 2016

OAMC: new frontier

OAMC Fall 2016
OAMC Fall 2016

OAMC is a collection that’s making inroads in the men’s market. Not exactly a revolution is taking place but their point of view is compelling. Their mission statement states that the collection is designed in the present for the present. With a respect for the craft and techniques of the past, OAMC strives to create for now and not to recreate the past. Unlike so much in men’s fashion that is repetitious and banal, OAMC is challenging some of those codes. READ MORE >