June 18, 2016

12 Rules on Being a Great House Guest


  1. Come on time and leave on time
  2. Bring a great gift and leave your pet at home (no one will ever love your pet like you)
  3. Make yourself scarce part of the time (your host will love you for that)
  4. Never be the one to finish the food or the booze
  5. If you break the above rule, replace it and then some…
  6. If your hosts loan you their car: Fill the tank and NO accidents
  7. Take short-ish showers and keep the bathroom spotless. That includes the john…(no obvious signs of your presence)
  8. Make your bed, keep your room spotless and stow away your bag (leave the door open so your fastidiousness shows)
  9. If you must bring your pet, bring along pet-centric cleaning products. (arguing with your host over a yellow or brown stained white silk rug will not get you invited back).
  10. Avoid drunkenness, beligerance or contentious political debates (too much of any of these is an instant Buzz Kill)
  11. Offer to help at mealtimes and pick up the tab once if meals are taken at restaurants. (No one likes a cheap guest who insists on being served.)
  12. Be polite, upbeat and amusing. (in short, make an effort as we all have problems)

*image courtesy of Tommaso Santori