November 1, 2016

Rialto Living: My Happy Place

Rialto Living

There’s nothing that puts a smile on my face faster than landing in a beautiful place with great shops. Retail therapy sounds suspect but I’ve found after 30 years in the business of fashion there’s some truth to it. The weather can suck so loud you hear it, but if the window shopping or actual shopping is good I don’t care if a tornado is on the way. Palma de Mallorca was just that sort of city; an unexpected treat with some world class shops!READ MORE >

October 27, 2016

Istanbul: Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar Istanbul
The Grand Bazaar Istanbul

The Grand Bazaar is the largest covered bazaar in the world. With about 4 thousand shops selling everything from gold, precious jewels, antiques, fabrics and carpets, to spices, tea merchants, faux designer merchandise and Viagra, this place has it all and every merchant is approaching you to come into their shop to buy. READ MORE >

August 12, 2016

Site Seeing

Santiago Calatrava's Folly
Santiago Calatrava’s Folly

New York City is one enormous, seething, pulsing, groaning construction site. It doesn’t matter where you look there’s a crane and something rising that wasn’t there just moments before. As annoying as it can be to drive here it’s especially cool to walk around, under and through some of these areas busily being born. Way down below the Freedom Tower we had dinner at a nice little Austrian schnitzel house called Schilling. It was great, really great and so unexpected down there in the land of the ultimate tourist attraction. As grave and impressive as the 9/11 Memorial is, the Calatrava designed World Trade Center Station is like stumbling onto an albino sleeping Prehistoric creature. With so many monumental towers rising in that neighborhood it’s a treat to see something so organic and otherworldly.