August 18, 2016

Super Cool

It’s so hot I can’t pretend it’s anything but. Getting around the city is like maneuvering in a blast furnace. Whether you go fast or slow you’re cooked. I’ve taken to carrying a hand towel in my pack do sop up the river of sweat that flows from some unknown source on my head. The challenge is figuring out the coolest possible things to wear besides a thong and a prayer.

Carlos Alberto Pregnolato by The Satorialist
Carlos Alberto Pregnolato by The Satorialist


August 17, 2016

Board Shorts and Briefs

Saturdays NYC striped board shorts
Saturdays NYC striped board shorts

Speedos have always been my swim suit of choice. I can still remember dragging my big sister with me to a little boutique just off of Ogunquit beach at 15 to buy my first one in …lemon yellow. Yeah, I was precocious even then. Banana hammock… does that phrase come to mind? Well I had guts then and a fit trim body. I neither have the body or the guts now.READ MORE >

July 11, 2016

Back to Black

Vince Bale Black leather sneaker $199
If you tried to distill trends in men’s shoes down to the most commonly favored style it would undoubtedly be sneakers, trainers or Kicks. It’s a sneaker culture we live in now. The sneaker store has become ground zero for everyone everywhere. Though brands abound from very inexpensive to super costly the common denominator in all of them for style bang seems to be sneakers in white. In NYC they are on most feet.READ MORE >

July 7, 2016

They’re Back: Wide Pants

Bottega Veneta Men's Sp2017
Bottega Veneta Men’s Sp2017

The women’s collections for the past 2 seasons have shifted their gaze to a pant silhouette that’s decidedly full. The skinny legging look for women and regrettably for men may finally be just about played. If you’re built like a stick without a posterior, then it’s all good. But many of us have muscle and flesh that call for a bit of room in a trouser. This season Bottega Veneta Men’s for spring2017 showed a whole collection without a skinny legged trouser in sight.READ MORE >

July 6, 2016

White Hot Polos


It’s a heat wave here in NYC and as early as 9 am it’s been staggeringly hot. Short of staying inside a darkened air-conditioned apartment you actually need to plan what to wear that you wont wilt or die in. On the hottest days I don’t reach for tanks or tees but white polos or white button down shirts. Just the look of them says Cool Breeze. There are some great shirts out there that look great any time of the day or night keeping, you cool and looking cool too.READ MORE >

June 28, 2016

Cos: One Stop Shop

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 1.58.07 PM
Cos Raincoat Striped tee and Trousers

When I was a teenager, my twin sister and I used to fantasize about taking a trip at a moments notice, forcing us from a dull geography class at Groton Junior High to a waiting limo and then off to a secluded runway with a waiting private jet to take us off to Paris or London or Rome… The best part of the fantasy was what we would bring to wear. It couldn’t be things we had but a wardrobe chosen and packed on the way.READ MORE >

June 26, 2016

Happy Gay Pride 2016



To all of us who’ve been fighting the good fight, living our lives out loud, the young and old who’ve recently come out and to those who still live lives under siege, this is a day to celebrate. It’s a short ride on this spinning ball, why not make the very most of it? Happy Gay Pride !!!