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Handsome Double-Breasted Plaid Overcoat
Handsome Plaid Balmacaan Overcoat

I’ve always liked scale in most things. I’m drawn to a larger image more often than a small one. I tend more towards the grand gesture than the quiet one. I prefer a horse, say,to a dog.

Sweeping Double Breasted Coat
Sweeping Patterned Double-Breasted Coat

In coats I’m really liking rounder and longer shapes that have a very relaxed feel. More and more solid colored coats are being challenged by bold plaid patterns. Though I’ve only just started to reach for my wind breaker, soon it will be coat season.

 Double-Breasted Balmacaan Overcoat
Double-Breasted Balmacaan Overcoat

Whether you like solid colors or patterns, these coats all have a certain appeal. It’s also interesting that the men are each unique in their builds and carry these generously cut coats with ease.

A Plaid Elliptically Shaped Coat
An Elliptically Shaped Plaid Coat

images:The Sartorialist

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