Shock Therapy: Light Housekeeping

IMG_1780Whenever I have a serious shock to my system I tend to do one of 2 things: pretend it didn’t happen or start cleaning. You all may remember the election from the other day. For many of us the outcome was a shocker of YUGE proportions.

Before therapy.
My closet before therapy.

Funny thing is, the day before I must have had a sneaking suspicion that we were all about to have a “something dark this way comes” moment and suddenly cleaned up my nest of a back closet/room. It took me a whole day but I organized a ton of unruly things that had piled up making the room impassable and barely usable.

There’s something about the act of cleaning, culling and organizing stuff that puts my mind at rest. It’s so overwhelmed with thoughts of an unclear future yet one we now must navigate. Acceptance, the last of the 3 stages of grief, forces one to put your head down and start bushwhacking with a garbage bag through the cluttered corners of your life; in this case my messy closet. If you can put that in order at least you’ve got a grip on something. This brand of shock therapy may not change the bigger picture but it makes life at home that much more sane and comfortable.  Go forth and CLEAN.

After therapy.
My closet after therapy.

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