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Manhattanhenge at 23rd st and 8th Ave tues 12 July 2016
Manhattanhenge at 23rd st and 8th Ave 12 July 2016 8:00pmĀ 

Every year around now NYC experiences one of its more cosmic moments. It’s commonly known, though not to me, as Manhattanhenge. That would be when the setting sun aligns perfectly with West 23rd Street casting its rays dramatically straight across from the west to the east side of the city. I just happened to be walking up 8th Avenue this past Tuesday evening at about 8 pm when I came to the intersection at 23rd st. There was a throng of people standing smack in the middle of the intersection and all with smartphones and cameras held aloft pointing west at a blazing setting sun. It seemed everything was stopped including traffic. The thought of an invasion came to mind and considering it was about 150 degrees outside anything seemed possible. New York city is so full of incredible moments and this is just one more. Have a good weekend, keep your eyes and ears open and see you on the other side!

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