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Sunrise over the Swiss Alps
Sunrise over the Swiss Alps

I just found out Anton and I are leaving for Europe on Thursday. Some of you remember I mentioned last week I needed to find a sturdy shoe that could hike the Swiss Alps, trek through Mallorca, oh, and also take me through Paris for a few days, stroll Munich and end exploring Istanbul’s  Grand Bazaar and Topkapi Palace.

Filson's Dry series medium duffle
Filson’s Dry series medium duffle

So that’s the itinerary and it’s time to start packing. On the way back to the city last night I discovered a nice big rip in the bottom of my tried and true weekender/ carry-on bag. It’s a Coach bag I’ve had for perhaps 5 or 6 years now. So my mission starting this evening is to start packing with a scientific eye towards the disparate places we plan to travel with the weather and temperature changes as the overriding concern.

I'm tempted to grab Filson's Dry series daypack while I'm at it
I’m tempted to grab Filson’s Dry series daypack while I’m at it

That alone is enough of a challenge. The big suitcase will hold all of my clothes and shoes. It’s my carry-on bag that holds the rest: computer, headphones, books, magazines, sweats to change into onboard for the overnight crossing and return flight. It also needs to have room left for a small necessaire with toothbrush, toothpaste, earplugs, sleep mask, etc. There needs to be room for a windbreaker, light-weight cashmere sweater and scarf, slippers, and a change of underwear in case  we get stuck some place. Clever me remembered a story I recently wrote on the subject and have decided to heed my own advice. I’m racing over to the Filson store on Great Jones St. to look a little closer at their Dry Duffle series of bags. The medium dufffle should do the trick. I wish it could be found in black but I’ve never found a green I couldn’t live with.

Istanbul's Topkapi Palace at sunset
Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace at sunset

Assuming it’s the right proportion and has that yum factor I’ll take it to go. At $160 it certainly is the right price. In plastic coated canvas it should withstand abuse better than my coach bag. The fact that you can hose it down is a huge plus. I’ll let you know what I find and will share the adventure once we land in Zurich, Switzerland on Friday !

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