B/W Stripes

Chiayun Hu

If there’s anything in my wardrobe I’m really passionate about it would be my collection of striped tee shirts and shirts. Its physically impossible for me to go by a pile of stripes in a store without adding to my stash, assuming they are graphically strong and the combination of colors are unusual.

Raf Simons Spr2016
Steven Allen

Looking at old pictures from high school and my early years in NYC, stripes have been ubiquitous. Though it’s become instinctual for me to choose them with little thought, I realize stripes function as a dynamic foil to whatever I put on.



Dolce and Gabanna Spr2016
Haider Ackerman 285
Haider Ackerman Spr2016 $285

What I do know is that stripes have an almost alchemical effect.



From 2 colors, to multi-colors (think Paul Smith), whether vertical or horizontal, they have an unusually democratic appeal. Personally, thisĀ  summer I’m drawn to the all powerful black and white. Here are some images that illustrate the power of black and white stripes and why they are essential to a well stocked wardrobe.There’s an energy to them that visually tweaks the most casual or formal look making the wearer look younger and sportier. Maybe it started with the French sailor shirts or maybe earlier with court dress of the 18th Century. Who knows?

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