Indigo Boys

indigo4Indigo dyed clothes are ubiquitous this summer. What started as a novelty 2 years ago has bled into all levels of the marketplace. Indigo dovetails perfectly with our denim tendencies making an all over indigo-dyed look the easy way to go.indigo1

My Muji indigo jacket find in Paris

What’s cool is it’s a natural dye so by choosing Indigo you’re actually going green. Indigo is believed to be one of the oldest dyes in existence used for textile dying and printing.

Derived from plants it was raised in a few parts of the East and the major crop of plantations in Jamaica and South Carolina. Needless to say, all of its propagation at that time was slave labor. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case… Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 3.28.48 PM

What I love about it is its historic humbleness and inherent ease. I grabbed a pin-striped indigo dyed jacket at Muji in Paris for under $100. and it has become my go to summer blazer! Who knew?These men show you just how smart it looks. From T’s to jackets and trousers it’s nature’s way of saying , “CHILL”.

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  1. Bleu de chauffe, French workwear ! We use to buy it at BHV in Paris for nothing. It bleeds a lot, wears fabulously well. Also it became very fashionable in the late 60’s in Paris with the Chinese Fashion wave,red little book, Sartre, Mao Tse Tung etc……Great stuff…That Indigo color is the best….

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