Keepin’ it Clean: Alvarez Gomez’s Agua de Colonia Concentrada


If you’re like me and take an average of 2 showers a day, you’ll appreciate this post. At the beginning and end of the day and often just before dinner, I like nothing better than to shift gears and change clothes.

fachada Serrano,2012
Alvarez Gomez in Madrid

That gear shifting isn’t complete without a shower to refresh and reboot. So with so much time spent under water one needs a great bath soap that not only cleans but is also refreshing and satisfying to the senses. I’ve tried lots of different bath products but few actually make me look forward to that next shower. Nothing against Molton Brown or high ticket lines like Aqua di Parma, but they smell like variations on one or 2 themes that over time become boring and expensive. And with most of these scents manufactured using chemicals its increasingly rare to find bath products created almost completely from nature.

Gel De Bagno
Gel De Bagno

Alvarez Gomez in Madrid produces the perfect line of colognes and bath products and has beenĀ  forĀ  the last 127 years. The Agua di Colonia Concentrada line has the most delicious scent of Spanish lemons, Mediterranean lavender and essential oils of rosemary, thyme and bergamot. The bath gel, Gel de Bagno comes in a nice tall bottle and lasts a long time.

Eau De Cologne
Eau De Cologne

When I’ve dried off I like to drench myself in the Agua di Colonia Concentrada’s Eau de Cologne which is light, bracing and quickly absorbed like toilet waters of old and perfect for summer. On the one hand it’s freshness personified but it also conjures images of spotlessly groomed, elegant men from an earlier time. Think Boulevardiers with nothing but quality time on their hands… In my dreams that’s what I aspire to!

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