TechTalk: 3 Great USB Portable Battery Packs

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Ravpower 16750mAh

I’m one of those people who uses his smartphone constantly. There are thousands of pictures on it and it performs as my portable computer day and night. Never more so than when I’m traveling.

Remembering to keep the battery full each day never seems to fail at some point. The last few trips we’ve taken, Anton has brought along a portable battery charger that can recharge both of our phones simultaneously. Not only does it power the battery quickly but is capable of doing it 2 -3x times in a day or more if need be. The Ravpower 16750mAh is a powerful little charger capable of fast charging 3 tablets simultaneously or an Iphone 7s 5.5 times. That’s a choice piece of artillery to keep in your back pocket.

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Ravpower 22000mAh

I’m one of the least tech savvy people but I do use my phone for just about everything. Looking around for an available electrical outlet or remembering to bring along your power cord are both things I’m done with. The Ravpower 22000mAh is a beast. For a few dollars more, about $45.00 it charges multiple tablets, smartphones and iPad Airs with ease. On the road it can keep all of those devices charged and ready for 5 days solid making it an indispensable piece of luggage.

Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger
Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger

The Anker PowerCore 10000 is the ultimate in compact, lightweight, super powerful battery chargers for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones 3-3.5 x. Having these portable chargers in your pocket or bag during the day orĀ  when you’re traveling is essential to easing any worries regarding a dead phone, reader or tablet battery. For $50.00 or less you’ve made a very wise investment and eliminated unwanted worry. This article from gives you plenty of indepth information on these and other portable battery packs.

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