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I’ve been wearing Birkenstock’s since forever. Like a fine German wine they never lose their ability to surprise and delight. Over the years there are usually one or 2 pair laying near the front door ready to be put into service. But this summer things have gone a little off the deep end and now a legion of them sit ready to go. When Anton and I went skiing in Austria in March we spent some time afterwards at his home on the lake of Konstanz. That’s practically ground zero for Birkenstock’s with a fantastic store way too close for comfort.

Arizona Rubber EVA sandal
Arizona Rubber EVA sandal $35
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Arizona pale green suede sandal $135


The haul in Germany
The haul in Germany

From perfect plastic models in black and green to velvety soft suede models, and now shearling-lined versions of sandals and clogs it was almost impossible to decide which ones to choose. Here are some of the best of the bunch. The plastic models in green and black have been my go to sandal in the city and out in East Hampton.

Monterey Black Exquisite Leather $225
Monterey Black Exquisite Leather $225






Besides the city they’re also great in the yard or on the beach. But the pair I want most to add to the family is the Monterey Black Exquisite Leather model. It screams URBANE from its all black upper, footbed, and all black sole to its matte black buckles. The Monterey Exquisite is the very last word in feet chic.

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