Heschung: French master cobblers

heschung_h_promo_1170x410-heschungThere’s nothing like a good sturdy shoe to make you feel you can take on the world. That feeling of well-being just envelopes you when you slide your foot into a pair of beautifully crafted shoes. Brogues, Bluchers, Chukkas, I love them all.

Heschung Genet Chukka
Heschung Genet Chukka

Especially the shoes produced by Heschung a French company that’s been around since 1934. The master craftsmen of Heschung make much of these shoes by hand. Their elegant construction utilizes a reverse welt stitch that seals the upper and lower guaranteeing toughness, stability and water-proofing.

Heschung Frene Bluchers
Heschung Frene Bluchers in black

The soles are solid, the foot bed is padded and cushioned and the leathers and suedes are of excellent quality.

Heschung Arum Bluchers
Heschung Arum Bluchers

These shoes will last for years and when you consider their classic styling it’s an investment that will only appreciate. Best of all they look better and better as time gives them a rich warm patina.

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