Gucci in Metzingen
Gucci in Metzingen

Now that an early grave has been temporarily put on hold. Now that I’ve sufficiently been punished for some of my sins: sloth, envy, vanity, greed, lust, wrath, gluttony, hubris, a bad attitude at times and other sins I’ve yet to commit, maybe just a little GRATIFICATION is in order…

Prada in Metzingen
Prada in Metzingen

Anton and I rose the following morning (your today-ish, my yesterday) and decided to do some power shopping in Metzingen, home of the ultimate in Designer outlet stores : Prada, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Tod’s, everything you can wish for and more…but for LESS. It took all of our strength to cover that town with only 3 hours to spare. Half the challenge is plowing through the hordes of tourist shoppers who’ve descended from all corners of the planet. Life and the day were too short to say ‘Excuse Me’ in 20 languages, so a gentle, yet firm elbow and a big smile was our Esperanto, as it were.

Loro Piana in Metzingen
Loro Piana and Burberry in Metzingen

It’s not easy to barrel through Boss, Moncler,Gucci, Adidas, Zegna, Burberry and on and on, when you’re working on borrowed time and a body that’s missing its get up and go, yet get up and go we went. Fortunately, there wasn’t much to tempt us. Prada is usually the SPOT as they’ve got a lot of current merch and it’s less than what you’d comparably find at, say, Woodbury Commons in New York. Still there was little that said ‘GOTCHA’. The day was more about looking at great design instead of trying to spot the rock that would crack open my skull.

Tod's and Hogan in Metzingen
Tod’s and Hogan in Metzingen

We poked and played and promenaded through the town and decided to check out Gucci, a store/label that has never really interested me; think loud, gaudy, obvious. Still, we strode in and I pulled out the phone to take some pictures to post on Instagram.

Gucci in Metzingen

At a particular shelf sat a few pairs of ‘vintage’ loafers in loud colors, part of their ‘1953’ series. The ubiquitous brass bits were the decoration and the leather a super soft patent. A tiny sign next to them saying ‘SALE’ was ‘cheapening’ the shot so I moved it aside. They were so out there I looked underneath to see the price and shockingly they were about 700 Euros marked down to 100 Euros……. Um, so I thought I’d ask the handsome Sales Associate if they had the orange ones in a size 10. Shortly, he returned and said unfortunately not but they had a 9 1/2 and I could try that. Well, Gucci makes them big and the 9 1/2’s were a little roomy…… He came back with a size 9 and BINGO, it was a Cinderfella moment. THEY FIT. He disappeared and returned with the green ones in 9 and lo and behold they fit, too. I may be a fashion designer but I’m no Fashion Victim and looked down at my feet; one in a green shoe and the other in orange. Anton said I must. Sometimes you just have to listen to reason.

Gucci loafers that say, "ME, MOI, ICH, OY..."
Gucci loafers that say, “ME, MOI, ICH, OY…”

For 200 Euros I got the most extraordinarily stylish loafers I’ve ever had. Even if I wear them only once or twice, I know they’ll delight and amuse. After a day of deep dish Gratitude, a little Gratification didn’t feel so crass. Yes, a little crass but considering the deal/steal it somehow felt right! So when you stare into the abyss, cheating death one more time and show real and sincere gratitude to the Gods for sparing your life, buying a couple of pairs of obnoxiously vulgar Gucci loafers in mint and orange (at 85% off) isn’t the worst thing you could do!

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