I’m Sick… Humor Me, please?

At home being sick...
At home being sick…

So I’m sick. Nothing new. All of us get sick and many of us at this time of year when so much fraught holiday making takes every last ounce of oompf out of you. The Christmas holiday at home with Mom and Sis was great as was the trip to Norway, which was what the doctor ordered only it came just before the breakdown instead of right after. Being sick and giving yourself the permission to just collapse for a few days is something that shouldn’t be fought. The question is more how to be sick and what to do to make the misery a little less miserable?

Sunset in Geilo,Norway from the lodge
Sunset in Geilo,Norway from the lodge

The typical things one expects to enjoy and wallow in when sick at home in bed are often exactly what you don’t want. Forget movies, magazines and books. Forget knitting, puzzles or Social Media. In fact, forget all of that because none of it is really the Rx to make the malady pass. I found that it’s the fundamental things that make the time pass. Much of what I’ve shared in the past 8 months or so have come in very handy: the new pajamas and bath robe I found at Sleepy Jones and Paul Smith make me feel comfortable, stylish and unencumbered. My slippers by Birkenstock are cozy and comfy along with the thick cotton socks I never take off. The soaps, bath gels and cologne from 4711’s new Aqua Colonia collection are revitalizing in the shower or bath and the colognes are so mild and natural they feel like a breeze from the garden has wafted through the window. Even Google Home came in handy as I was kept informed as to the weather, date and time and other little bits of info one culls from a talking machine tucked away and yet receptive to your every inquiry no matter where you are in your home.

Home. Second floor lights.
Home. Second floor lights.

Most of all one needs 2 things to mend: a clean well lighted place and someone who cares; Mom, mate, a loved one and/or a pet. Having cleaned up before Christmas my apartment was ready to receive this patient without blinking a shutter. Anton brought me home to recuperate and stocked the place with simple things: tea, milk, honey, soup, yogurt, crackers and soda. No other food came to mind. Best of all he spent lots of time with me, propped up with pillows reading next to me in bed or sitting with me on the sofa for the one movie we watched together. Having him there to check on me, make me smile, put me to bed and to leave quietly until the next morning, this was just what the doctor ordered.

Saint Anton with the other enshrined with other most Holies
Saint Anton enshrined with other most Holies.


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