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Cos Raincoat Striped tee and Trousers

When I was a teenager, my twin sister and I used to fantasize about taking a trip at a moments notice, forcing us from a dull geography class at Groton Junior High to a waiting limo and then off to a secluded runway with a waiting private jet to take us off to Paris or London or Rome… The best part of the fantasy was what we would bring to wear. It couldn’t be things we had but a wardrobe chosen and packed on the way.

Cos Trusty Weekender

There would be a magical store that would supply everything we would need and all under one roof. Every time I pack for a trip the same idea pops into my head; if only I could put together a perfect system of clothing that would be comfy, smart, appropriate in rain or shine, day or night, town or country, weigh almost nothing, be both hip and practical and cost less than an arm and a leg.

Cos silk and cotton Polo
Cos silk and cotton Polo

That’s a tall order but that store does exist and it’s called COS. In fact COS has about 9 locations scattered across the country with 2 locations each in NYC and LA, along with Houston, Costa Mesa, Atlanta, Greenwich, Ct. and Boston. If you don’t live in any of those spots then you can just shop at their online store.

Cos dark green sneaker
Cos dark green sneaker

My list would start with a sturdy weekender. From there I’d choose a raincoat and windbreaker, a few t-shirts, a polo shirt, an all purpose sweater, trousers, shorts, a dress shirt, belt, sneakers both casual and formal, underwear and pyjamas. That should get you there and back giving you enough combinations for a good 10 days or so.

Cos Pyjama
Cos Pyjama

The beautiful thing is if you did this today practically everything on that list is on sale at COS. Who knew? Well, you do now so get going and hit that wardrobe refresh button!


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  1. Hey bro,
    Just read the ‘cos’ story. It was sweet of you to share with the world. It’s the best being your twin. We have such similar views on so many things.
    Here’s to Life,
    Your sis

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