Happy 4th of July…..

7342cfcc06faeb0288eb78824ba18878These are strange times for holidays, especially for ones that markĀ  this country’s celebration of its military and today, its Independance. News of North Korea testing a successful Intercontinental Ballistic Missile capable of hitting Alaska is yet a new low. So with that in mind, I think it’s a good time to think hard about who, where and what we are as a nation and as a people. So as you slather mustard and ketchup on your burgers and weiners, keep an eye peeled for the fireworks. If they appear just a bit too big and vivid, put your head firmly between your legs and kiss the good times Buh Bye!!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July…..”

  1. These are dark days for this country which is sorely in need of responsible and compassionate leadership on every level. But don’t give up hope dear friend, this too is temporary. Happy fourth!

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