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It’s true, there’s never been a stripe I didn’t love. Still, my hunger persists. I was just recently in Paris for a few days and wandering through the Marais came upon a perfect little gem of a Saint James shop. What says Paris more than a striped sailor shirt or beret, perhaps? What I love most about this company is not only its storied history but the richness of the colors and cotton.

Saint James Minquiers Moderne sailor shirt
Saint James Minquiers Moderne sailor shirt

When you’re a stripe aficionado unusual color combinations make your world rock a little more. Saint James, whose signature classic sailor shirts in red/white stripes, navy/white stripes and their reverse, also have unusual combos like green/white, orange/navy, and pale blue/navy. Not only are the colors more varied they also make the long and short sleeve shirts in light and heavier weight cotton knit.

Saint James Minquiers Moderne orange and navy striped shirt
Saint James Minquiers Moderne orange and navy striped shirt

My eye was instantly drawn to a shirt in orange and dark navy stripes. It seemed to radiate on the rack. The more vivid the color the better. My personal Saint James collection has 2 of my favorites: black/taupe stripes and white/navy and navy/white reversed on the backside with 1 sleeve in each color. Summertime is the best time for vivid colors on most everybody. You look healthier and more vital. Whatever makes for a better day for body and soul, I say go for it. Stripes can do exactly that !!!

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  1. I love companies like Saint James that specialize in a specific product and do it better than anyone else. I wish more clothing companies would think that way, we’d have better product instead of too much product. The orange and navy stipe is divine!

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