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Scheisser boxer briefs
Schiesser boxer briefs

Underwear is a category that I too often take for granted. I put it on and take it off rarely taking the time to consider its make and feel. But when I really think about it, I’m pretty particular about what I like.

Scheisser tank and boxer briefs
Schiesser tank and boxer briefs

Having gone through years of Hanes, CK and 2X-ist brands I’m clear on what constitutes good quality and fit. Nevertheless, I’ve never been honestly excited about my underwear until now. Schiesser, an underwear company based in Germany, makes great t-shirts, briefs and boxer-briefs that look and feel like the best of the old days. The Revival Karl-Heinz collection is all about the best of the old for today.

Scheisser Henley Tshirt
Schiesser Henley Tshirt



The Henley short and long-sleeved tees are so cool and light-weight you’ll wear them on their own this summer. Their narrow gauged cotton knit keeps its fit and shape and have a nice wide ribbed sleeve reminiscent of the turn of the century underwear.

Scheisser boxer brief
Schiesser boxer brief

The boxer briefs with a button fly are engineered to fit nicely with an economy of seams intelligently placed for maximum comfort and support.

With designer underwear hovering in the $80-$120 range for tee shirts and bottoms,

Scheisser Henley and briefs
Schiesser Henley and briefs

Schiesser falls half way between the highest and mass market end of the spectrum. The investment has been totally worth it as Shiesser’s products maintain their fit and body after months and months of washing and drying. Being well-dressed starts with our underwear. Mr.Porter is the closest, easiest retailer to supply Schiesser.

Scheisser l/s tee and briefs
Schiesser l/s tee and briefs




What sits closest to our bodies calls for extra attention!

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