July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July…..

7342cfcc06faeb0288eb78824ba18878These are strange times for holidays, especially for ones that mark¬† this country’s celebration of its military and today, its Independance. News of North Korea testing a successful Intercontinental Ballistic Missile capable of hitting Alaska is yet a new low. So with that in mind, I think it’s a good time to think hard about who, where and what we are as a nation and as a people. So as you slather mustard and ketchup on your burgers and weiners, keep an eye peeled for the fireworks. If they appear just a bit too big and vivid, put your head firmly between your legs and kiss the good times Buh Bye!!!!!

July 3, 2017

Advanced French GUY Style

Stylish man in the 2nd Arrondisment
Stylish man in the 2nd Arrondisment

My sister blogger Jolain of Primadarling fame just posted a perfect 4th of July/Summer 2017 story on Advanced French Girl Style. The super model Ines de la Fressange of Chanel fame is the quintessential French Girl with BOUCOUP style chops. Looking at that story it brought to mind that it’s not just the French girls who get it right. Lots of French guys do too. READ MORE >

June 24, 2017

The Essential Windbreaker

Scotch and Soda Nylon windbreaker

Windbreakers are some of the most unheralded articles of clothing in the pantheon of essential modern design. It used to be about a trench coat. Then it was the perfect cashmere coat in black or camel. Let’s not forget the anorak craze of the last several years. All along right under our noses is the perfect workhorse cover-up, the windbreaker.READ MORE >

May 11, 2017

Saint James Stripes


It’s true, there’s never been a stripe I didn’t love. Still, my hunger persists. I was just recently in Paris for a few days and wandering through the Marais came upon a perfect little gem of a Saint James shop. What says Paris more than a striped sailor shirt or beret, perhaps?READ MORE >

March 13, 2017

Broadway is White Hot

The Great White Way
The Great White Way

New York is rife with great theater at the moment. The lights rarely dim on the Great White Way but at present they’re all but blinding. Whether you like light entertainments, musicals or full on drama it’s all right here for you.

Bette-Middler-Hello-DollyOn Sunday I scour the New York Times to see what’s great, what’s coming and what’s about to close. Proximity is the magical word that describes NYC; whatever floats your boat is just down the street and around the corner. Here are some great plays I intend to run and catch: Hello Dolly is just about to open this month starring Bette Midler. I don’t know about you but this appears to be one of those mega-moments that people will talk about for years and years to come and I plan to know first hand what all the noise is about.Stephen Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd is playing downtown in a fabulously spare and dramatic production. I musical with ‘bite’ excites me and Sondheim is a master at this genre. Sunset Boulevard with Glenn Close is back again 22 years after the original Broadway production. This is an amazing production (I saw it a night before the opening) and one that’s likely to award Glenn Close with yet another Tony award for the same show!



Sally Field is starring in a new production of Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie. This searing play set in Depression era St. Louis has been mounted again and again but this time it packs a special punch. Stripping down these stories to their brutal essence makes this production particularly affecting. I’m dying to see it and can’t wait to see a new interpretation of this dramatic classic.

Sally Field in The Glass Menagerie
Sally Field in The Glass Menagerie

The same can be said for The Present starring Cate Blanchett. This tense drama is an opportunity to see one of the world’s best actors up close and very personal. Lastly, John Guare’s hit play Six Degrees of Separation returns with a new cast led by Allison Janney. This play that defined the fraught relationships between the liberal-minded haves and an upstart wannabe is as pertinent now as when it originally played 30 years ago.

Cate Blanchett in The Present
Cate Blanchett in The Present


Almost all of these productions are available for half price if you visit the TKT locations at Time Square, South Street Seaport and in Brooklyn. Any given evening or matinees on Wednesday and Sunday offer you a wonderful opportunity to see some of the very best Broadway has on offer. I’ll be seeing you there!

February 14, 2017

Book Clubbing

booksBook clubs have been popular for ages but it occurred to me only  bookish types seem to go. As a reasonably voracious reader I never felt the need or urge to join until a friend invited me along one night to sit in on his. Instantly, I was hooked and have been a member of that and one other for the last 4-5 years. I discovered the only thing better than reading an interesting story alone is to share ideas and listen to others insights into the same story.READ MORE >